NyaminyamiSo what is the creature in the logo for David Lowe Swimming? It is based upon the Zambezi River God known as Nyaminyami; a powerful god, with the head of a fish and the torso of a snake.

The Zambesi is the fourth largest river system in Africa and Nyaminyami lives in the Kariba lake on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. He is a god belonging to the Tonga people who were displaced by the building of the Kariba dam. Legend has it that Nyaminyami caused much destruction and many deaths while the dam was being constructed and that he will still avenge the building of this dam in time to come, with the frequent earth tremors in the area being evidence of his fury.

Since David grew up and learnt to swim in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), this logo combines references to both his love of swimming and his native country.