Coaching Philosophy at David Lowe Swimming

I believe the “one idea fits all” approach is unattainable.

Swimmers are individuals and while coaches’ training methods vary, the core is all about developing swimmers to achieve to the best of their ability – be it a gold medal at the Olympics to finishing a race at their club championships.


Really getting to know the individual is key to their successful development. As well as exploring a swimmer’s character, temperament and behaviour and attitude – their psychology if you like – we strive to evaluate their skill level, and the best way to enhance it. Are their long-term goals realistic? Are they falling short of their talent or over optimistic?

To that end, I use a combination of training methods:

• Water training:

Technique is key and perfect practice makes good. Sessions are balanced physiologically by the use of heart rate monitoring.

•  Land Training:

Focus on building strength, stamina and core stability. Drills and workouts using appropriate equipment such as weights and swim benches.

• Psychology:

Building team spirit, self-worth and sense of achievement.