Child Protection Policy

David Lowe Swimming is committed to ensuring that children are taught in a safe and friendly environment, where pupils and their carers are welcomed.

All teachers hold a valid ASA Teachers Certificate and are selected by interview and references. All have had police checks.

All teachers receive on-going training.

David Lowe is in charge of all teachers, supervises timetables and allocates pupils to teachers.

Accompanying parents or carers are responsible for all toileting and changing duties. Appropriate facilities are available.

Should a child become distressed during their swimming lesson, the parent or carer is at liberty to request that the child leaves the pool. All efforts will be made to ensure that the child is comfortable in the water, including the parent accompanying the child into the pool if necessary.

Should there be a complaint about the teacher, facilities, lesson content or other children in the class, this should be directed to David Lowe. The complaint will be investigated immediately and action taken if necessary. All involved parties will be informed of the action and the reasons for it.

Parents are issued with a Code of Behaviour at the child’s first visit.