Triathlon Swim Training

Preparing for a triathlon? Swim training can improve technique, and performance  – and shave minutes off your race finish times.

Whatever your distance, ASA swim coach David Lowe, the Olympic and Commonwealth medallist, can help boost your strength, speed and stamina in the all-important first stage of the race.


David’s triathlon swim training spans expert assessment and analysis, stroke technique, breath management and individual training tips and personal drills.

Learn how to:

• swim efficiently and save energy for the bike and run

• pace yourself

• train correctly

Individual sessions can be booked either on a regular basis, or ad-hoc, at a pool that suits you.

Call 07979 411592 to find out more about triathlon swim training with Dave Lowe.

 “I seem to be a fairly typical triathlete in that I am a reasonable cyclist and runner but a mediocre swimmer. I was fortunate enough to have a 1-1 session with David. He took the time to review my swimming technique and very quickly identified my main (amongst many!) technical flaws and was able to explain these and the impact of them upon my speed and efficiency in the water.

He taught me some specific technique drills designed to challenge my poor movement patterns and I was quickly able to understand how ineffective my stroke was and how much I had been relying on general strength and fitness to compensate for this. I immediately changed my training to stop completing endless lengths of the pool and to focus on technique. I have to say, I am astounded by the improvement – after a few months (with virtually no “proper” hard training) I have reduced my 400 metre time from 6 minutes 40 seconds to 6 minutes exactly! I think this is an excellent result for just one session and I have organised further sessions to address whatever new technique “cheats” I have developed in the last few months!

All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with David’s expertise and ability to facilitate change within such a short space of time – I thoroughly recommend his services! Anyway, when was the last time you had the chance to have a 1 to 1 session with an Olympic medallist?!”
Peter Lloyd