Swimming Lessons – Cambridge and surrounding area

If you’re serious about learning to swim, or improving your skills, there’s no better teacher than Olympic medallist David Lowe, whose swim academy is located close to Cambridge. Swimming lessons are in a private pool and under David’s personal supervision.


Younger Children

David learnt to swim as a child and is keen that others start swimming as soon as possible. He welcomes youngsters from 3 years old into the lessons, giving them confidence in the water and teaching them to swim with ease.
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Older Children

For older children who already swim confidently and may be part of a swimming club or doing competitive swimming, David gives technique advice and specialist competition coaching.


Whether you have never swum before and are terrified of the water, or you are a competitive triathlete, David is there to help.
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To book Cambridge Swimming Lessons and surround area, or for more information, contact David.